Digital & Physical Security for Non Tax & Administrative Revenue Documents

Are you losing revenue? If you generate and issue documents that prove IDENTITY, COMPLIANCE, or ENTITLEMENT which your clients pay for, then these documents are susceptible to forgery and therefore revenue losses.

Prevent Financial, Administrative & Integrity Losses

Revenue generation is mostly underpinned by physical or digital proof of PAYMENT, IDENTITY, COMPLIANCE or ENTITLEMENT requiring verification at point of use/access. The security of these documents is essential for operational success. Prevent losses with PDSecure.

Last Mile, Digital & Physical Document Security

Our platform enables operational success, focused on last mile delivery of TRUST & INTEGRITY bringing together key elements of public/private revenue policy and administration to deliver optimum document inventory, generation, verification and control from desk to field with end to end auditability.

From Desk to Field Verification

Generate Secure Documents At Your Desk

Convenience is our watchword, our platform enables you print any document from anywhere on the planet. From ID and access control cards/passes to insurance, university and other academic certificates and payment receipts. If it can be printed with a printer, you can secure it with a PDSecure QR code.


  • PDS Document Manager: Windows application with robust security features that converts document data, to secure QR code embedding it in the document for print on any printer.


There can be NO CONTROL without ASSURANCE, and NO TRUST without TRANSPARENCY. So we’ve put the power to verify documents out there in public with PDS Verify (iOS & Android) and all digital and physical documents can be TRACKED & UPDATED even after issuing them.


  • PDS – Verify: A mobile application built for Android and iOS devices with decrypt capabilities for all PDSecured codes.

Why PDSecure?

We say because success is made up of many components and collaboration is one of them. We have a platform that simplifies the many aspects of preparatory, administrative and monitoring of administrative revenue generation and all you need to do is plug in because we are here to help you prevent losses and fraud and we do this by offering these amazing benefits

Rapid Solution Deployment (48 hours*):

Getting started and taking control of your document printing processes with PDSecure couldn’t be simpler.

Operational efficiency & Cost Savings:

Traditional printing of secure documents involves working with printers to choose what paper

Fraud & Revenue Leakage Prevention:

We found that a common weak link and cause of revenue losses is inventory control at remote

Data Security & Privacy:

Data security is central to our service. Our infrastructure and software design are cognizant

Enterprise/Multi-Point Printing:

With process optimization in mind, we have built a flexible solution that supports who we see

User Management & Auditability:

Our research shows that security is only as good as its weakest link. The human element

Document Code Track & Trace:

Security doesn’t end with producing your documents with PDS. We’ve built in track and trace

Workflow Integration:

Do you have existing print processes and systems? We’ll adapt to your workflow with minimum disruption

One App , One Solution, Many Documents

No one wants to download an app for every document verification and end up with several redundant apps. Verify many PDSecured documents anywhere with PDS-Verify.


Like passports, ID cards, drivers licences and birth certificates, proofs of identity


Complying with government regulations and or business requirements in many environments


Our endeavors and achievements are usually recognized and rewarded with proof of entitlements

How It Works

Capture Data

Encrypt & Sign

QR Code in Document

Validate Anywhere

Data Analytics

We’ve kept our technology and architecture simple. Our core design guide is rooted in data protection and privacy ensuring document generation is entirely controlled locally by users without the need for an external repository or code base.

PDS Document Manager desktop application generates and encrypts data with unique public key locally, and and embeds on document ready for digital or physical distribution. Your data is local at all times.


We’ve kept our Cost Per Licence (CPL) pricing simple and cost effective so the decision to sign up is an easy one

Tenured (TD)

$ 1.49 Lifetime

  • Tenured Print Licences
    • for documents with VALIDITY START AND END DATES.
    • 500 Licences per Bundle.
    • Lifetime Verification Services.
Purchase Purchase

Untenured (NTL)

$ 1.99 Lifetime

  • Untenured Print Licences
    • for documents with NO VALIDITY START AND END DATES.
    • 500 Licences per Bundle.
    • Lifetime Verification Services.
Purchase Purchase


Mobile App Downloads


Desktop App Downloads


Global Verifications


Onboarded Customers

Our Team

Businesses fold or flourish on the strength of their teams. We recognise this at Print Data Secure and we are proud to say we have a winning team focused on delivering the company's vision of building bridges that enable the transition between analogue and digital by building a truly global identity proofing service fit for today and the future of identity management.

Karim Giwa

Karim Giwa

Founder & CEO
Karim is a 20+ year veteran of varied international experience across IT operations, project, general and executive management in multiple industry sectors including Finance, Telecoms,
Vladimir Čakarov

Vladimir Čakarov

Lead Developer
Vlad has been in the IT space for over 25 years and now works as a competent and vastly experienced developer and project manager with an extensive portfolio of completed projects
Olayinka Edmond

Olayinka Edmond

Director PR & Marketing
Olayinka has over 15 years of experience within the Communications and Sustainability space. She started her career in the UK with a number of PR agencies in Manchester and London City.

Secured Samples

To test the mobile app with a sample document, download iOS or Android versions of PDS Verify from store on your device and scan any of the QR codes in the documents.

Insurance Papers
Statement of Results
Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate
Attendance Certificates
Sworn Affidavit
Road Worthiness Certificate

What Customers Say


Can't find the answer you're looking for or need other information? We've shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you.

To get started, sign up or contact us to access, download and configure your PDS Document Manager application.
You will need print licences to print using the Desktop Manager or access our APIs. You can order print licences from the pricing section of the site or contact us by phone +44 7944 721 741, +234 7062 612 661, email or on the Contact Us page
Log into your account with your username and password to open a support ticket.
We are mainly a B2B/B2G solution but in some cases and dependent on volumes and intended use, we are happy to discuss particular scenarios/need.
PDS-Verify is available on iOS and Android platforms.
Very little, the average document requires 30kb to verify, this allows users in areas where data is expensive to use PDS Verify. There is also an OFFLINE capability allowing use without data.
You can reach us by phone email and on social media by searching for @pdsecure.
For technical installation issues, call us on +44 7944 721 741 or email us at For verification issues please go through the help menu on the mobile app.
PDS supports from ID card up to A3 sizes printing on most regular printers.
Speak to our tech guys to explore possibilities of white labeling your PDS.
Yes PDS can work with your existing print processes. As print processes and infrastructure vary, we will need to understand more details about your processes to adapt and customise our APIs for your printing. To find out more, please email with a high level description of your requirements and or processes.

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