Question for you! Can you trust your eyes? Should ‘eyes‘ in the header above have been ‘Ayes‘? LOOK AGAIN…….Really!

Our perception of the world around us is linked to our vision, but how do you know what you’re seeing is real and more importantly if it is true. Every day, we make an average 35,000 decisions from the moment we wake up. Some of these decisions require further clarification to verify what we see, for example in print on paper.

These decisions are all the more important if success, failure or performance appraisal is entirely or partially dependent on their accuracy.

Take these familiar scenarios to my African readers. We all know ‘bad guys’ will always want to falsify and fake anything and everything and printed documents are especially vulnerable simply because you can physically see what’s written on the paper.

So the police (in Nigeria for example) ask for your vehicle insurance papers but they can’t definitively say if your papers are genuine and valid because verifying that printed data requires reaching the insurance company’s database through the epileptic telecoms backbone supporting additional gadgets the police have to carry.


you want to buy property and the seller presents Certificate of Occupancy/Governors consent papers which will take a week or two to go back to source to verify and even then it may still be dodgy


a young job seeker presents academic/professional certificates and you are saddled with the inconvenience of having to call, go online to some incomprehensible URL or physically go to multiple institutions to verify.

Wouldn’t life just be easier if we could use what we have (mobile phones/devices) to get what we need (confidence in verification)? And not have to pay through the nose or in sweat for it? Well now you can whenever you see the PrintDataSecure lock sign with any QR code.

PDSecure is a fit for purpose, convenient and secure way of creating/printing valued documents securing the text printed on the document rather than the paper or media it is printed on.

Verification is communicating in one form or another with a source of truth of any document so securing paper doesn’t quite make that communication seamless or unambiguous but securing the text with PDSecure does.

Some PDS Features

  1. Easy to use document creation
  2. Easy to use document verification anywhere, anytime
  3. Workflow integration
  4. Enterprise printing
  5. Track and trace QR


Some added Value

  1. Affordable to roll out and run as no new hardware set up (all you need we have).
  2. Data Privacy: GDPR compliant as you keep your document data so it’s not at risk of 3rd party breach
  3. Fraud prevention through simplicity supported by your process

We would say if you’re making 35,000 decisions every day, let PDSecure lighten your load and help you make one or two quicker whenever you have to verify printed documents.

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